How to Buy

For those that are looking for great art that absolutely has the wow factor when people see it in homes and offices, you can find Martin’s charcoal and oil paintings in a number of galleries across the country. If your local friendly gallery does not have any (first ask why not!), you can contact us on the contact form to ask where you can buy certain limited edition prints from.

After a lifetime of painting for family and friends, Martin only turned professional at the beginning of 2018. With his first originals selling the very first day in Eaton Fine Art in Solihull, his hyperrealism and the vibrancy of the oil on glass paintings have proved extremely popular. With demand and value continuing to increase, owning an Original painting is giving collectors not only joy in having it on their wall but also represents a really good investment.

Originals usually are sold at or soon after collection launch events (though a few are reserved by the galleries to sell at different times throughout the year) so keep your eye on Facebook/instagram or partner gallery newsletters for the latest information on dates etc. Commissions of original paintings can be discussed with partner galleries or if one is not nearby you can contact martin directly at



Eaton Fine Art



B90 4TZ